PM Power Products, LLC. Introduces the PropStop ™

PM Power Products, LLC. Introduces the PropStop ™, the latest device designed to integrate with the StaffAlerter ™ Command and Control System. PropStop ™ addresses the problem of recognizing when doors have been propped open, one of the most common challenges to maintaining facility security. People often prop open doors for various reasons, but detecting this condition has been difficult until now. PropStop was specifically developed to monitor and detect when a door is opened and remains open for an extended period of time. Prop stops sends a notification to the StaffAlerter ™ Dashboard where the status can be viewed in real time and configurable alerts (email, texts, and/or phone calls) can be sent to users and groups to notify them of the breached door condition.

PropStop is easily deployed via attachment to the facility Wi-Fi network. The battery powered PropStop is designed to last years monitoring your facility. PropStop also reports the condition of the battery to notify you when it needs to be replaced.

PropStop ™ is affordable, effective and easy to deploy. Keep your facility secure with the simple addition of PropStop ™ to your physical security infrastructure.

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