StaffAlerter Cloud

StaffAlerter Cloud provides the management, rules engine, and notification layer of the StaffAlerter system. By using the StaffAlerter Cloud a company gains the ability to send phone calls, SMS, and emails to their employees or customers in an easy and secure manner. 

StaffAlerter Cloud supports an unlimited number of devices, users, and groups to support your organization’s needs. By adding devices to StaffAlerter Cloud, event-based notifications and actions can be initiated to provide a comprehensive command and control center for your business. 

Below are some of the additional features that the StaffAlerter Cloud service can provide.

Signup Portal

Through the StaffAlerter signup portal your staff can be easily added to the StaffAlerter website.  During the signup process a user’s email, voice phone number, and SMS text number can be verified and the user can select the method in which they would like to be notified.   Users can then access their information at any time to change notification preferences, update phone numbers or email addresses, and deactivate their accounts.

Cloud Buttons

Cloud Buttons provide an easy way to send frequently used notifications to one or many groups of users.  By using a Cloud Button phone calls, SMS texts, and emails can easily be sent to users.  Phone calls can provide either a pre-recorded audio message or a text to speech generated message.  If using a pre-recorded message the audio file is also attached to any emails that get sent out during the notification process.  

Verified Inbound Calling

Authorized users of the StaffAlerter system can call into the dedicated StaffAlerter phone number for your company and hear the last message that was broadcast out.  This allows for missed calls to be returned by the end-user and hear the most recent message.  Individuals not notified by the StaffAlerter system when calling this number would receive a disconnect.  

Recording Mailboxes

Messages from employees, customers, or vendors can be left in mailboxes by calling a dedicated number associated with the StaffAlerter site.  Upon leaving a message on the site an email can be sent out to the manager of that mailbox or to a group containing the message that was left.  Possible uses for this include employee call off management, sales orders, and word order completion.

Verified Inbound Messaging

Managers and Supervisors can have the ability to call the dedicated StaffAlerter phone number for your company and send an audio message directly to a group of users.  Callers are first verified by their caller ID and then required to enter a security pin as the second level of verification.  Once verified callers are prompted to record a message and then select the groups of users that the message will be sent to.

Email Actions

Email actions allow for a company to take action based upon a received email by the StaffAlerter system.  Emails sent to a secure address can be used as a form of notification to users or groups of users.  When an issue occurs, most systems today can send an email but do not have a way to provide a phone call or SMS text. With Email Actions that email can be turned into a phone call or SMS text and prompt an immediate response from your staff or customers.