Supermarket Solutions

Grocery, Store, Apples, Food, Monitoring, Alerting

With StaffAlerter, you have complete monitoring, notification, and response to virtually any event taking place in your store. StaffAlerter provides a hybrid cloud-based solution allowing complete command and control of your environment from a single dashboard, regardless of the number or location of stores.


Utilizing fixed and portable buttons for Help, Emergency, or Door Notification preprogrammed messages can be sent to management, overhead paging,  or support staff.


Temperature and environmental monitoring can provide instant alerts in the case of refrigeration failure, water detection, or other related events.

Anti-Door Propping Device


With Prop Stop, door propping is reported to management personnel lowering the risk of loss and securing the building. 

PropStop can also monitor the position of overhead doors providing notification when the door is not fully open or closed.

With StaffAlerter your employees are informed of emergencies and operational changes instantly with phone calls, SMS Texts, Push Alerts, or overhead pages.  Choose from on-demand announcements or pre-programmed messaging content.