StaffAlerter Emergency Notification Platform

StaffAlerter: An Emergency Automation Platform.

How many steps does it take to lock down your building? How long does it take to perform all of these steps? A normal lockdown procedure at a school involves at least 3-4 steps and take 1-5 minutes to implement. Now take that and multiply it by 2-5 buildings on the same campus or the entire district. With StaffAlerter all of these steps can be automated and activated at the same time across all buildings on the entire campus or in district.

Emergency planning and procedures are more important then ever in business, schools, municipalities and the federal government. After 9/11 this became more apparent and school shootings and other emergencies have only reinforced the need. StaffAlerter is designed to leverage existing systems and combine them into a single solution for emergency situations and add a communications and mass notifications for security and routine communications. StaffAlerter provides situational awareness, command-and-control and group notification services tied into sensors and other IoT devices as needed. It communicates via SMS, email, phone, desktop, audio and visual alerts among others.

The solution comprises:

  1. A Physical Layer which connects with the network via WiFi, 3G, LTE, etc.
  2. A Web Control Layer allowing the creation of device-activated Web Action Keys.
  3. A Cloud Layer with Cloud Action Keys which allow messages to be sent to users and groups, even if there is a system failure at the facility.

StaffAlerter has been described as an “If This Than That” solution for education, business, and government offices. StaffAlerter provides an easy way to automate multiple actions on devices located anywhere in the world with an internet connection when an event occurs. StaffAlerter modular approach allows for greater flexibility for single or multiple building lockdowns, alerting, and notification at the click of a single button.

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