Threat Extinguisher chooses StaffAlerter

As the only non-lethal option to fight back when a situation arises Threat Extinguisher can deploy a stream of tactical grade pepper gel 20+ feet to the target. Pepper spray typically is dispensed in liquid form as a spray or as a fine mist, so there is always the potential that some of it can be blown back at you when you use it. By changing to a gel based spray the pepper gel is dispensed as a thick, sticky substance. This means it will stick to an attacker’s skin, making it much more difficult for the attacker to wipe it off.

Threat Extinguisher has chosen to partner with StaffAlerter to provide alerts going forward for all products. By adding StaffAlerter to his existing line of products it has allowed Sam Fasone, CEO of Threat Extinguisher to provide a more robust offering for his customers and has opened new doors for his business. Now when a Threat Extinguisher is deployed with StaffAlerter it can trigger a complete building, campus, or district lockdown and notify staff and emergency services of the building location and device location within that building saving valuable time and lives.